Tips to Dress For a Business Interview

Whether you like it or not, your appearance is the first thing everybody looks at when they first meet you and they base their first impression of you based on that. If you are going to a job interview or you already have to go to work, you should always dress accordingly and give your best look. People looking as a professional are treated in the same way. People get specific signals from the way you dress.

Let’s talk about how a woman should be dressing to look professional. The principal thing to know is that an excessive amount of makeup or jewelry is bad. Just use a small ring on one of your fingers and a small set of earrings and that’s enough. Be conservative with your makeup; use some plain powder and almost nothing of eye makeup. If going to an interview never use a bright lipstick color. Maybe a light tone and that’s it.

The suit on a woman should be made of linen, wool, or cotton-polyester. I highly recommend if it’s your first interview, you only wear medium blues, gray, or navy. A solid color is recommendable for blouses with natural fabrics like cotton or silk that will make you look professional. Also wearing a scarf can help you a lot in your looks as they are a strong status sign.

Never wear open toe shoes and make sure the heels are not longer than 2 and half inches. Same color of your skirt or suit is also what you should wear. Your pantyhose must be in a neutral tone at least if you’re not interviewing in some fashion company. Carrying a briefcase is a good choice to give a business woman look but never use it along with a purse as it will not look very good trying to carry both at the same time.

Your goal must be to not distracting with your accessories or your outfit the person you are interviewing with.

The final but also one of the most important aspects of your personal look is your hygiene. You’ll leave a bad impression if you have bad breath or bad smell on your body, or your nails are not done correctly. Remember that what you eat will affect the way you smell. Your skin and also your pores will reflect what you eat. Avoid eating too much garlic or onions.

I hope you keep all this advice in your mind the next time you are dressing for an interview or to go to work. Remember the way you look will determine your future.