Powerful Offline Business Marketing Strategy

Here’s a fantastic and very old, but under-used offline business marketing strategy that can explode your local business profits!

On TV recently, I have been watching a new television about restaurant business renovation. It’s called the “Kitchen Job” and is hosted by “John Palino”. I suppose you could say it’s a little bit like Gordon Ramsay’s “Kitchen NIghtmares” TV series… without all the swearing. And this show is based in New Zealand. Quite an entertaining show, and very interesting for the business-oriented person who is struggling with marketing strategy.

After watching a few of these shows, It became apparent that one of John Pilano’s favorite restaurant marketing techniques was personal face-to-face networking. For the struggling restaurateurs, this means taking a platter of their food out into the streets and offering free samples to the public. Now, this works in two ways (well maybe more, but let’s discuss two here):

1. The first reason this works is obvious: people get to taste the food… sample the product. Obviously if the food is moreish, the customer will be excited to visit the restaurant to taste more. Whilst this is a key factor in this marketing strategy, it is not the most important.

2. The second – and most important – reason this works is because the restaurateur is networking with his prospective clients. By sharing his or her personality and enthusiasm with the public, the public are made to feel welcome, comfortable and invited. If the caterer plays his cards right and drums up enough personality and excitement, the simple offering of a food sample can be a memorable moment in their prospect’s day. The more memorable, the more likely the prospect will become a customer.

So, how can you apply this marketing strategy to your offline business?

Even if you are not in the food business, is there a way you can offer samples of your product?

If not, then put #2 to work! Instead of product samples, offer samples of your personality! Get out into the public. Mix with your prospects and share your excitement and enthusiasm with the people in your local area. If you feel like you don’t have a bubbly personality, then take a friend with you. Or, you could hire someone to do it for you.

Social networking is commonplace on the Internet for promoting online businesses, but often forgotten as a most effective offline business marketing strategy. Start putting it to maximum effect in your business today!