Business Marketing Strategies

Today I will share with you a few business marketing strategies that will help you to get free traffic to your website immediately.

The first strategy is: The keyword phrase which you want to rank for should be not only within the content of your website but also in your title, and avoid typing your keyword more than 6% time of your website content, and check your keyword density.

Second business marketing strategy is: LSI keywords: make sure to include it within your home page, articles, or other content you add it to your website and there are a lot of paid tools out there, which can help you for this purpose.

Third strategy is: Keyword Meta tags, add it to each page on your website, and don’t forget to include your keyword phrase into your tags, but be careful with that you don’t add it more than three or four times.

The fourth strategy is: H1 tags, this is very helpful because it will tell the search engines what is Your web page all about, use it on your site and see how faster your site will rank, and became on the first pages of Google.

The fifth business marketing strategy is: Picture tags, most people ignore the picture tags which is very important factor for the SEO, and this feature mean that you are naming an image that you have on your website and as a result it will help your site rank for your chosen keyword.

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LinkedIn Network Marketing

Doris Hullett attended a “LinkedIn Power-User Strategies Webinar,” an excellent training by Nate Kievman, and is reviewing some of the session’s business marketing strategy highlights to assist you in your network marketing solutions.

What is LinkedIn? It is the #1 Professional Network; it also is an excellent resource for career search.

Did you know there are 79 million business decision makers, and 1.3 million small business owners on LinkedIn? The average age of the LinkedIn member is 43. People holding a B.A. and Post- are 77.6%, and that there are currently 65,000,000 users!

A poll was taken concurrent with the webinar. The poll statistics found that the attendees were interested in the following features (they were asked to check off all areas of interest which applied to them):

Career Advancement 44%
Business Development 72%
Professional Branding 58%
Lead Generation 55%
Coaching 19%

There are three foundational pillars to LinkedIn success, and these core methods will assist you in your target market success.

Pillar One: Professional Development – Do you have a brand marketing strategy?

-¡ To build your personal brand, make sure your profile is 100% complete. Fifty-six percent of those attending the webinar did not have their profile finished.

-¡ Add a book, video or blog application to your profile. Adding an application makes you a little more unique.

-¡ Have a professional headline in the header. A professional headline under your name actually helps to identify you. This is one example of how attraction marketing is woven into your profile.

Pillar Two: Marketing – What Internet Marketing Strategies do you use?

-¡ Make sure the topics you post are relevant in the different groups to which you belong. You may post and answer questions.

-¡ Be brief. Be compelling. Be professional.

-¡ Create “engagement” or conversation. When you post, remember what your business objective is. You do not necessarily have to post every day in groups, as you would on a blog. A good indicator to how often you should post would be to watch the activity in the group.

-¡ Twitter feeds are a good idea to add into your profile social networks.

Pillar Three: Joint Ventures – Good Old Fashioned Partnering

-¡ Partnering creates goodwill, distribution channels, and most importantly, bridge- building to success.

-¡ Do not discount the value of joint ventures for targeting your market.

LinkedIn is continually striving to improve their service to users, and updates are currently being initiated to improve user performance.

May the “LinkedIn Power-User Strategies Webinar” review which highlighted solutions in LinkedIn assist you in your network marketing and business growth.

Internet Home Business Tips

This internet home business tips article is a bit of a change for me. Ok, like the title states, it’s MY turn to ask some sensitive questions. And I’m counting on YOU for my answers. Get out your trusty email account and get set to write to me with your replies on this internet home business tips. On the other side, you can just post them as comments here for others to see as well.

Alright, the initial question. Why are you operating your own online home based business? Is it because you lost your job? Is it because you simply got fed up of working for some one? Was it the commute to work and back again? Did you just want something better and fun? Is it all about the money or is it the freedom that comes with it?

Everybody has their own reasons for wanting to operate an internet home business. I’d like to know your opinion on these. Here’s the reason why am asking. In some cases, the reason why people want to do this is actually counterproductive to getting things done. I have come to understand that one of the reason people fail in this industry is because the true love for doing something isn’t there. I am sure anyone who has ever tried to be something his not knows what I’m talking about.

Next question is, are you contented with your home based business? I’m not just talking about the money. I’m talking about the actual work itself. Does it excite you or are you bored to tears each time you remember you need to work? If the answer is YES, then maybe this isn’t the right business model for you. There are several kinds of different online home based business models. Just because one doesn’t appeal to you doesn’t mean you can’t find one that you will love doing.

What are your priorities? Is it just to generate income or do you need to love what you’re involved in? Some individuals don’t care what they do as long as they make money doing it. Is the cash more important or is it the liberty to work when you desire? Some people the money is not the number one priority but the freedom is.

If you could do anything else in the world and earn cash, would you do that OR would you still be operating an online home based business? I’ll be sincere. If I could be a successful basket baller, that’s what I’d be doing for a living but that’s a really difficult field to break into, so I’m happy being a successful home based business operator. But no, this isn’t my first choice in the world.

Like I mentioned earlier, if you want to answer any of these questions, you can post your comments or send me an email.

Sincerely looking forward to hearing from you soonest.

I hope you enjoy my internet home business tips.

Home Business Tips

There are many advantages to owning a home business. But one of these is not guaranteed success. You will not always succeed. In fact, most home businesses fail soon after they open up. There are things that you can do to prevent your business from failing. Here are 5 home business tips to keep you from going broke.

The first of the 5 home business tips that you need to consider is to take your business very seriously. Consider it not only a job for you that you have to work at continuously to keep it running, but also a very serious business. You don’t get to just take time off and not do the work that you need to do. Consider your idea to be a good one and take it seriously. That is the only way that anyone else will.

The next of the 5 home business tips is to stay disciplined. That means you can’t slack off on your business and all that you need to do to keep it running. Do whatever you need to do when it needs to be done. This means maintenance, marketing and staying in touch with customers to keep them satisfied. This will keep your business running smoothly and of course keep income coming into your home.

You need to make sure that you don’t spend too much, especially when you start your business out. This is a very important one of the 5 home business tips because it directly affects your finances. You don’t want to drive your business finances in the hole. After all, the goal is to make money, not to waste it and have to constantly put money in out of your own pocket. Only buy what you need to keep the business running until you can afford some nicer items when you are making more of a profit with your business.

The next tip involves getting customers. You have to be active about your home business in order to gain customers, and since they are responsible for your income, they are incredibly important. That is why you need to advertise and market it as much as you can. Of course, this doesn’t mean spend an arm and a leg, but take advantage of free and affordable methods of advertising your business. Never let up on the advertising until you have too many customers. This is the only way that you are going to get the profit that you need.

The last of these 5 tips for you is after you have your customers. You can’t let them go. Work hard to keep the customers you have as happy as they can possibly be. This is how you will keep your customers coming back to you. And that is much easier than marketing to gain new customers all the time.

When you open and run your own home business, there are things you can do in order to keep your business running. These 5 home business tips will help keep your home business from going under and you going broke on your investment.

Real Estate Business Visible

It doesn’t matter if you have a 50 inch monitor, the amount of the search results per page in Google will not change. What are the chances that if you type the word “Atlanta Real Estate” you’d see your real estate site on the first page, or second or third or even tenth? It’s all about marketing your home page now, if you can’t do it, a real estate agent selling dilapidated condo units will do better than you.

There are many ways to get your real estate page on top of the search engines without consuming loads and loads of precious bucks. Here are some tips I’ve researched over the net and as I tried them out, seem to be working pretty well.

It is important that your listing page can be indexed by search engine spiders before you become part of the visible web. Make sure that your URLs contain the important keywords that you want to be searched for. You must remember that you write and upload contents not just for your target market but for the search engines as well. Do avoid technical jargons; anyone even search engines get annoyed with people who tries to sound impressive when in fact no one can understand a word they say. Search engines are your only friend in the web, if you piss them off, down goes your chances of becoming visible.

Another way is to do blogs that can link to your website. Real estate sites doesn’t need too much updating, making blogs that link to your site can pretty much do the trick. Blogs unlike real estate pages are very flexible making it easy for you to put up fresh content as often as you want. Search engines just like web surfers are crazy about fresh and relevant contents. Be as visible as you can; submit to directories and link to outsides sources. Make useful anchor texts and be sure that they are relevant to the site that you are linking to. If you’re a good source of relevant information, chances are you will be able maintain your traffic.

Use Social Networking to Grow Your Business

You’ve all heard of networking right? Most small business women owners don’t ever use it to its full potential. One of the most common reasons is that it’s just one more thing you have to do in your busy day so it goes into the too hard basket, right!

I know I used to do this. With traditional networking, you stand in a room full of complete strangers pretending to have a good time. You go to events, either listen to a speaker, hand out business cards, grab a coffee, or wine (depending on the time of the day!) and walk around and introduce yourself, all in the hope that you will connect with the right people.

Yes, networking can be a nightmare. It can also be a great thing if you get the right environment for you. Networking is all about building relationships and now-a-days I use both online and offline networking, but I get the greatest benefit from online social networking as I can connect with more people in less time. So what is it and how can it benefit you?

The concept has been around for a few years, with MySpace being one of the first non-business sites to be completely set up for social networking. Gradually, businesses began to infiltrate through this and then other sites were born purely for business owners. You can now speak to someone over the internet, or leave messages for someone all from sitting at home. You can get to ‘know’ a person by looking at their profile, what their interests are, and who they align themselves with. All of this information is available for you to read, rather than physically getting out there and asking.

Where are these social networking sites? As mentioned above, there are a few major players in the field, all specializing in their own areas. MySpace was launched aimed at teens putting details, videos and photos of themselves up so they can chat and play games with their friends. Facebook was then introduced later, aimed at the older generations, hooking up with friends from school, adding photos of family and videos and chatting.

People started realizing that with the amount of traffic coming to these sites they could try and use them for business. But then business related sites like LinkedIn, twitter and niche market sites like Business Women Unite started popping up which are purely aimed at the professions, so people started viewing social networking in a totally difference light. They could start building relationships with many thousands of people without leaving their office.

But what are the benefits of joining these networking sites?

They all offer different things but by using these sites you can promote your business to thousands of visitors that these sites get every week which helps generate traffic to your business. You can expand your business by connecting and doing business with people from all over the world. Some of these sites also offer help for small business.

Sites like LinkedIn are based on the concept that someone knows someone who knows someone who knows someone else…and on it goes. They have applied this to business but you can also connect with lost school friends and work colleagues.

Whereas Twitter is different again and you communicate with people through the exchange of quick, frequent answers to one simple question: What are you doing? It takes a bit of getting used to but it’s worth it.

On the Business Women Unite site there are more business related tools such as a discussion forum, groups section, article directory and sections to promote your business. You can use these to connect with businesswomen of all industries as well as use them to ask questions, share resources and get tested business tips plus experts who can give you advice on how to increase your sales and profits, how to drive more traffic to your website and how to create a better business plus much more.

If you have the right strategy and the right approach you can turn a few minutes a day into thousands of extra dollars. Isn’t that worth the bother!

Lead Generation for Small Business Owners

Business owners must have a website or a squeeze page; this is no longer an option. Your website or squeeze page will aid you in your lead attraction process. The squeeze page is the preferred avenue. A squeeze page is a single webpage that will host your offer. The reason you will want to use a squeeze page is because it will only contain information about you and your offer. The viewer will not be able to get carried away clicking on other pages and accidentally navigate from your offer.

The mission or goal of your offer is to value to your lead as you build the relationship. Your offer must contain value so that you can capture the leads information. You will want to at a minimum to capture his or her email address. A mailing address and phone along with his or her name is great but you do not want to ask for so much information and have the lead abandon your squeeze page because it is too much of a hassle to get your offer. Below are some ideas on what to provide as a free download or your offer as your lead attraction tool.

Lead Attraction – Free Offers

1. Special Report – a special report contains information that your niche may not know. It may contain facts or statistics from current research. Its goal is to educate your lead so that he or she will want to continue to learn more about you or your business or hire you immediately.

2. eBook – a quality eBook will typically be thirty or more pages. You can send your eBook in multiple parts. This will allow you to stay in contact with your lead as you continue to provide value. I recommend that you send one chapter per week. This will allow the lead to complete the homework or read each Chapter. You do not want the person to not read it because it is too lengthy.

3. Audio – CD’s are easy to produce and inexpensive. If you mail the CD you will be able to capture the leads mailing address. You could also have an MP3 available for download as your free offer.

4. Tip Sheet – right now people enjoy Do It Yourself (DIY) projects. Your tip sheet can help your lead learn a new skill or complete a project.

5. Ezine – having a newsletter sign up box on your website may not get a lot of attention. But, if someone has landed on your website or squeeze page after reading your blog he or she may sign up.

It is not a secret that we all love free. Business owners can capture their leads contact information by offering a free special report, eBook, audio recording, tip sheet or newsletter. Your special offer will help you grow your business by growing your list. This is the first step in rapport building with your potential clients or customers.

How Offline Businesses Can Use Article Marketing

If you want your offline business to have an online presence, you can generate more traffic by writing articles and submitting them to the directories. This article will give you specific strategies that I use for my clients in generating high-quality traffic to their offline businesses.

Tip #1 Relevant Content

If you have an offline business like a restaurant, or retail outlet, start writing relevant content that would attract readers to your business. This could include how-to tips, recipes, or any other relevant content that you can think of that would be beneficial for your customer.

Just because you run a different type of business doesn’t mean that your customers are not looking for information. So if it’s a restaurant, write a recipe book that your customers can get for free if they start visiting your website. Or, a special offer that they can redeem if they come into your store.

Tip #2 Internet Specials

Secondly, you can run Internet specials that are in your articles. What I mean by this is creating a relevant article that offers information but at the very end has a special for them to go to your website for your off-line business. This usually includes offering a specific type of rebate or discounts for specific services that you offer.

Businesses that have employed this tactic noticed a huge increase in the amount of business that their website is generating for them. This is because creating a specific offer at the end of your article keeps the reader interested in clicking through to your website.

Tip #3 Website Design

Too many offline businesses have a website that is structured like a brochure. As we know, brochures are not very effective in selling customers products or services. What you need to do is set up an e-mail campaign, and keeps in direct contact with your subscriber base. So it’s advisable that you set up squeeze pages, or blogs that can capture your reader’s information so you can market to them on a consistent basis.

Stay away from the brochure type website at all costs. They are not very effective in generating leads, or selling any products or services to people online. These type of websites usually end up with people clicking away and going to your competitors.

Just because you’re running a virtual store online store does not mean that you can use it to generate traffic to your off-line business. Just be creative in your approach in trying to draw traffic to your offline business.

Lose Your Online Business

No one desires to lose his online business, specially in the time one can still feel the effects of economic recession in his society. Still more than hundreds of online business fail each year and this figure is increasing with the increasing number of online service providers. If you too are losing your market or are not getting enough clients online, this article will for sure help you a lot. If you haven’t still started as an online company, then this article can serve for you as a guideline which will not just help you in taking a good start but also keep up your business in a smooth flow.

1) Don’t over rely on internet: Being dependent completely upon something can be highly dangerous. When it comes to online business don’t lean completely on just one marketing channel: the Internet. You must keep some handy material too as this will also provide you local marketing. Brochures and other forms of personalized printed material increases the credibility of your organization.

2)Make your shop irresistible: The major difference between conventional business and online business is the lack of multiple markets. Yes, you read it right, in online business you can have multiple websites but all the websites are in the same market place, they all start with “www”. So it means there will be an extremely large amount of shops providing the same services and which will ultimately result in extremely fierce competition. How to get a marketing is somewhat hinted in the previous heading. However, more important is making an impressive reputation in your prospective customer and then closing a sale. For that your website must have a unique design, easy to navigate and must give all the information normally required by the customers.

4)Take expert advice: Look for how professionals are working over internet. This will not just help you go through and find solutions for your own problems but also help you to grow your business more and don’t let your current mistakes repeat again. Seek advice from a qualified professional though you have to pay for it. Also reading different articles and blogs posted can also be very helpful as they too contain a lot of advices and tips.

3) It takes time to recover: Don’t get disappointed on your current position. You have accepted that you had a problem means you have already half dealt with it. Now other half can be controlled by looking for the possible solutions and working so. There is no doubt it will take time to get on the flow. But you must continue doing harder and you will see the result. I must share with you a Chinese saying in “Bob Parsons’ 16 rules of success”. It states “the temptation to quit will be greatest just before you are about to succeed”

Tips to Dress For a Business Interview

Whether you like it or not, your appearance is the first thing everybody looks at when they first meet you and they base their first impression of you based on that. If you are going to a job interview or you already have to go to work, you should always dress accordingly and give your best look. People looking as a professional are treated in the same way. People get specific signals from the way you dress.

Let’s talk about how a woman should be dressing to look professional. The principal thing to know is that an excessive amount of makeup or jewelry is bad. Just use a small ring on one of your fingers and a small set of earrings and that’s enough. Be conservative with your makeup; use some plain powder and almost nothing of eye makeup. If going to an interview never use a bright lipstick color. Maybe a light tone and that’s it.

The suit on a woman should be made of linen, wool, or cotton-polyester. I highly recommend if it’s your first interview, you only wear medium blues, gray, or navy. A solid color is recommendable for blouses with natural fabrics like cotton or silk that will make you look professional. Also wearing a scarf can help you a lot in your looks as they are a strong status sign.

Never wear open toe shoes and make sure the heels are not longer than 2 and half inches. Same color of your skirt or suit is also what you should wear. Your pantyhose must be in a neutral tone at least if you’re not interviewing in some fashion company. Carrying a briefcase is a good choice to give a business woman look but never use it along with a purse as it will not look very good trying to carry both at the same time.

Your goal must be to not distracting with your accessories or your outfit the person you are interviewing with.

The final but also one of the most important aspects of your personal look is your hygiene. You’ll leave a bad impression if you have bad breath or bad smell on your body, or your nails are not done correctly. Remember that what you eat will affect the way you smell. Your skin and also your pores will reflect what you eat. Avoid eating too much garlic or onions.

I hope you keep all this advice in your mind the next time you are dressing for an interview or to go to work. Remember the way you look will determine your future.