Business Marketing Strategies

Today I will share with you a few business marketing strategies that will help you to get free traffic to your website immediately.

The first strategy is: The keyword phrase which you want to rank for should be not only within the content of your website but also in your title, and avoid typing your keyword more than 6% time of your website content, and check your keyword density.

Second business marketing strategy is: LSI keywords: make sure to include it within your home page, articles, or other content you add it to your website and there are a lot of paid tools out there, which can help you for this purpose.

Third strategy is: Keyword Meta tags, add it to each page on your website, and don’t forget to include your keyword phrase into your tags, but be careful with that you don’t add it more than three or four times.

The fourth strategy is: H1 tags, this is very helpful because it will tell the search engines what is Your web page all about, use it on your site and see how faster your site will rank, and became on the first pages of Google.

The fifth business marketing strategy is: Picture tags, most people ignore the picture tags which is very important factor for the SEO, and this feature mean that you are naming an image that you have on your website and as a result it will help your site rank for your chosen keyword.

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